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To Have and to Hold

This past weekend, I had my first wedding. Well, not MY wedding, but the first wedding I coordinated for someone else. And I have to be honest, it was a BLAST. I loved every second of it, but I especially loved getting to see one of my dear friends say “yes” to a life with her new best friend.
Photo Credit: Harding Photography 
Now, this is probably my naivety speaking, but I never realized how many different details go into a wedding. You have vendors for the cake, the music, the food, the linens… You have the wedding party, the decorations, the family (oh, the family!), and the mass amounts of pictures you need of all those things. I mean, seriously- who knew you needed a picture of the grandparents with the ENTIRE family, the bride and groom, and then the groom by himself? I sure didn’t. Throughout the day, I found myself running between stories 2, 3, and 4 to ensure everyone knew what was going on with each other and when. In hindsight, I should have invested in those walkie-talkies I joked about, and I definitely should have waited a little longer to put on my heels. 
Photo Credit: Harding Photography

Despite all the craziness, it was so worth it. It was worth getting to see the look on the groom’s face when we did the first looks pictures or seeing the faces on everyone in the ceremony as the were exchanging their vows. The amount of moments worth capturing was unbelievable.

One of the pictures that has surfaced from the wedding is me proud mom-ing from the sidelines during the bride and groom’s first dance. 12374917_10153285821127919_3886942331835499202_oThere was a lot going on Saturday, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I was all over the place. There were a few times when I found myself rushing around, not really knowing what I was rushing for or thinking ten steps ahead of myself. Would I remember to put the ribbons out in time for sending off the happy couple? Will the DJ know not to play that One Direction song when the MOH requests it even though it’s her favorite? How much longer can I wear these shoes before I permanently lose feeling in my left pinky toe?
See- ALL over the place. But that’s how life is sometimes. It’s like a wedding. There are what seems to be a million different things to think about and just as many people to see and touch base with. Things get hectic, I get stressed, and I find myself rushing around and not knowing why. This wedding on Saturday was a great reminder that even when things get crazy, sometimes you just need a “proud mom” moment. A moment where you take a step back from all the chaos and just enjoy what’s going on right then. Just like I didn’t want to get so caught up in the details that I missed the big thing happening (my friend getting married), I also don’t want to miss the big things that could be happening in life without even realizing I’m missing them.IMG_6718-1
I know it won’t always be an easy thing to do, but I have a feeling it’ll be worth it. For me this probably looks like putting my phone away when I’m with a friend, turning the music off for some of my drive time, or taking the extra lap around the block because the sunset is especially pretty one evening. What about you guys? What are some ways you can take a “proud mom” moment in the midst of the craziness this week?

One thought on “To Have and to Hold

  1. Great post. I know the feeling. I often miss what I’m doing because im too preoccupied with what I’m doing.
    I’m going to have proud dad moments by not being responsible for how Christmas turns out.
    Watch my family laugh and cry or whatever but watch openly, feel openly.
    It’s easy to be a proud dad for me. My kids are most awesome. Lol.

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