Life, Interrupted

For the past few months, my small group and I have been reading through Love Does by Bob Goff. (If you haven’t read it before, that needs to happen. You can find it on amazon here.) It’s a book that’s full of stories of this ordinary man who lives this extravagant life. And not because he has a ton of money, but because when he has an idea, he doesn’t just think about it…. he does it. In the back of this book, he gives an invitation for readers to contact him by giving out his phone number. (Seriously- who does that?!)

I happen to have a woman in my group who was just crazy enough to take him up on that offer. Earlier this week, she called Bob and asked if it would be alright if our group gave him a call during our next meeting time on Thursday night. Spoiler alert: he said yes! He told her we would have about 15 minutes of his time, so this past Thursday, we gave Bob a ring.

We spent a little over 30 minutes on the phone with Bob, and we didn’t talk about anything that would necessarily be considered profound or intensely interesting. We just talked about life with this man who has lived so much of it. We talked about what it looks like to love those we don’t understand, and how it just takes a conversation with them to become friends. We talked about how, as believers, we tend to over complicate our faith when all we really need to do is take more opportunities to help people. It was a conversation filled with good, heart stuff.

Of course, the topic came up of Bob putting his phone number out for all his readers, and how that translates into him getting around 100 phone calls a day. Now I don’t know if he just picked a number, but I do know he put us on hold twice in those 30 minutes to let others know he would call them back. 100 doesn’t sound too far off.

While talking about that, Bob referred to his life as being “a life of constant interruption.” And this is what really got me: he said he was okay with being constantly interrupted because Jesus was constantly interrupted. And if our goal is to be more like Jesus, what better way to do that than to live a life that looks like his?

I’m terrible when it comes to being interrupted. I get annoyed. I get cranky. I don’t understand why the people around me can’t understand that I’m trying to get things done. I can be short with people and talk in a way that doesn’t reflect Jesus. I’m sad to say this happens a lot more than I would like to admit. After talking to Bob, I began to think: What would it look like to live a life where I didn’t mind being interrupted? How would my day to day interactions change?

I think I would probably be a lot softer in my response.
Rather than thinking about when I can get back to what I’m working on, I would probably think about how I could best love the person in front of me.
I would answer them with a smile instead of ignoring what they need.
I would take a deep breath before I snapped.
I would probably look a lot more like Jesus.

So, here’s to being interrupted just a little bit more.

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